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About Us

About Us

Accessible & Short Term Accommodation

Our focus is excellence in health care as this is the foundation of our guest’s stay with us.

We are Australia’s leading provider for accommodation for persons with all types of disabilities because:

  •  We provide Support Workers, Registered Nurses and Paediatric Nurses for your care. We specialise in high needs and Paediatric services.
  •  We also have a Registered Nurse available as required for emerging situations requiring a consultation, and a concierge service for occasional care needs.
  •  Your Support Worker, Certified Assistance Animal and family are welcome
  •  The facilities are purpose built for persons with disabilities. The suites are fitted out specifically to support your disability. If required, we provide all your disability equipment to be used in large accessible bedrooms & bathrooms. Only the equipment you require will be in your suite
  •  Our fleet of Accessible Vehicles and sedans is available to provide a transport service from home/airport and outings during your stay.
  • We support your choice for individual Suite, Support Worker, food, Community Access Activity and/or transport.


What started as a simple prayer…, “ Lord, grant me the opportunity to reach my full potential”, has resulted in a business ACCESSIBLE & SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATION that enables us each day, to facilitate improving the life of people with disabilities, by providing them the opportunity to achieve their goals, and all the while to smile with their eyes!!

This business achievement has been a culmination of a lifetime of learning and experiences. Due to spending all her youth living on farms on the Darling Downs, Janelle experienced life lessons of responsibility, humility, hard work, persistence, delayed gratification, team work, community, honesty, integrity & loyalty.
Since 1984, Janelle has achieved acclaim as a highly qualified and experienced Registered Nurse & Midwife. Janelle expanded her knowledge by completing a Bachelor of Health Science, and subsequent Post Graduate qualifications in Advanced Neonatal Nursing as well as Therapeutic Massage. Janelle achieved Clinical Nurse status and excelled as a Midwife and Neonatal/Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse, including being a senior member for Patient Transport and Retrieval Services. Janelle shared her passion for knowledge while Clinical Facilitator at the University of Southern Queensland. Janelle also chose a concurrent Health Management career as Hospital Co-ordinator and Patient Flow for a major Metropolitan Hospital, a responsibility of an entire Hospital bestowed as a 25 year old and spanning 29 years. Janelle gave 37 years of continuous service to Queensland Health before identifying a need and focussing solely on the health care needs of persons in the community. Janelle completed studies in Small Business Management and obtained a Real Estate Agent Licence prior to commencing the business ACCESSIBLE & SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATION on 22nd May 2021. Janelle’s commitment and dedication saw her move on-site to live and to facilitate high standards of clinical practice and ongoing health education for staff and guests.

Janelle is very community focused and has devoted many years to various needs such as assisting teachers in the classroom, managing children’s sporting teams and being a foster parent.
Janelle has been awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Queens Scout Award, Baden Powel Award, the regional title holder for Youth Speaks for Australia, and the Young Australian of the Year Award. Janelle recounts being guest of honor at Government House on 3 separate occasions as a privilege and a fond memory. Over the years Janelle has been an actor in 4 movies and contributed to making a feature film by being the Prompt. Being the sole owner of the Real Estate and the business has enabled Janelle to continue her philanthropic work and to support the Chaplaincy Service for 2 clusters of schools by donating accommodation to be auctioned to raise funds, and by making accommodation available free of charge to persons to enhance their quality of life in their time of need.

Janelle is supported by a team of dedicated individuals who are all committed to making a difference in other people’s lives. The team includes Support Workers, Enrolled Nursed, Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurses, Administration and accounts staff, house keeper and cleaners, fleet management and maintenance personnel.

Janelle is an active leader and teacher to the team of Health Professionals that are the key asset to ACCESSIBLE & SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATION. The expectation is clear: take exceptional health care of our guests, and facilitate opportunity for the Participants to reach their goals …. and be happy!!


What do our clients say about us

Ruth Mother of Participant

I wanted to thankyou all for giving josh a great time and myself.you guys were down to earth and friendly and know how to look after people.thankyou so much for making josh happy and we really enjoyed the spa and also the beach and josh loved the kayaking.it was marvellous.i did find the shopping plazas a bit modern...ha.cheers

Shane Participant

Thank-you for a great stay and everything that you have done. Please thank your staff for me too please.

Mikayla Participant

Very happy to be able to use our own Support Worker. We enjoyed the views (even from the spa tub), peace & quiet. Loved the robes, we felt very special!!

Troy Brother of Participant

The photos are fantastic. The kids thoroughly enjoyed and loved spending an intimate and much needed time with her.

Rodney Participant

To Janelle, God Bless you always.

Trudy Participant

What a wonderful woman you are for creating such an amazing opportunity for people. You and your team are wonderful people and have all gone above and beyond to make our stay fantastic. Thankyou.

Kathryn & Martin Participants

Thankyou for simple being there and making me feel I am cared for and supported.

Matt Participant

Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely break last week.

Graham Participant

Absolutely great food, Community Access Activities and Support Workers.

Marlene Participant’s grandmother

This stay has given his father a break which he badly needed. The company offering this stay did a wonderful job. I would recommend them.

Karmel Support Worker

Thank-you so much for a lovely clean room. I really enjoyed my Carers weekend, and I go home feeling very refreshed. The room was quiet, I couldn’t have asked for more. I will definitely book again.


It must take one amazing heart to perform that kind of work day in and day out.

Sandra & Jeff Supports

Thank-you so much for all that you have done for us & for giving us this beautiful experience. This is a very special memory to cherish for us. Your kindness & thoughtfulness to us in our situation is one of life’s greatest gifts. Next time I will cancel all my appointments to have more time with you all. Thankyou for being you. Lots of love.

Sandra Support Co-ordinator

Deb said she really enjoyed her stay and the hospitality given from you and your team. Thank you.

Melanie Specialist Support Co-ordinator

I just am so grateful for the vital support you gave to this family at the time. It was a life saver. You really are a pretty special human and professional.

Sue Support Co-ordinator

Thank you again for your fantastic service!

Jason Support Co-ordinator

What amazing pictures. You make such a difference in people’s lives. Shirley looks so happy.

Jennie Support Worker

Alexandra & I would like to thank you so much for our lovely stay. We have both enjoyed it.

Jackie Support Co-ordinator

I’ve been hearing many a positive story & your absolute dedication to your clients, thank you so much for going above & beyond for Christine, we all really do appreciate it 😊

Janelle Shepherd Director & Unique Team at ACCESSIBLE & SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATION.

What we do is very special. We are enormously proud and humbled, to see the difference we make in peoples’ lives… and loving every second of it!!